Parting is such sweet sorrow


Sorry about the title. I couldn’t help myself.

Sent my PowerBook off to be fixed. The CD drive has been giving me problems for months, but not in a reproducible way. I’ve called Apple Support a couple of times and they haven’t been willing to fix it yet. I bought AppleCare for it, knowing at some point it was going to get bad enough it would need to be fixed. Last time I called they said I could go to the local Apple Store and have genius look at it and they could get it repaired. So on Saturday we went down to the Galleria and talked to the genius. She agreed to take it and would have done it right then, but I hadn’t backed up. So I took it home and brought it back there today. They say it should come back on Wednesday, but I’m betting it will be at least Thursday. Can’t imagine they’ll get it tomorrow, open it and fix it and ship it back out. I’ll be impressed if they do.

Now I only have my machine at work. Which means there won’t be any iTunes at the bottom of blog entries, because I’m listening to my iPod and can’t us Kung-Log’s iTunes feature. Usually when you see one of my posts without any iTunes it is because I’m composing on the work iMac.