Yesterday I couldn’t shut up and today have next to nothing to say.

Jerry said all motorcycle riders should join the AMA. No not the doctor AMA, nor the marketing AMA, but the American Motorcyclist Association.

I’m not joining today but probably will in the near future. They do have a great website with lots of good real content.

I don’t know about y’all but I have some fantasies based horrible what ifs. One of them is what would I do if my whole family was killed and I was on my own again. Well life would be a whole lot less worth living and I don’t think the daily grind would be worth it. I used to fantasize I would sell the house and just drive around the country in my car. Maybe blogging, writing and camping a lot. Yesterday I was riding my bicycle and indulging myself in this fantasy and it had changed. Now I’d be riding the open road on a motorcycle. I sell all my stuff and buy a touring bike and travel the country. With a laptop I could write and with a camera I could take pictures, so hopefully I could make enough money to support my simple life style.

One of the things that came up in this session of fantasy was where would I put the stuff I needed? How much stuff could I carry? Well I didn’t really have the information to answer those questions, but there is a good article on carrying stuff on your motorcycle on the AMA website about it.

One thing occurs to me….when would I stop this lifestyle? Probably when I fell in love again.