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This could be internet BS, but I doubt it. Heather Carolin actually came to Reactuate and left a comment on my post about her. It’s a little embarrassing to say really nice things about a beautiful woman, things I’d probably be too shy to say to her face, and then have her read them. But they are true, and she’s probably gets it all the time.

I was one of the highest ranked sites in the search engines for her name, which is probably why she ended up here. Seems she’s getting ready to launch a site of her own in the next couple of months. Given that, as an old man of the Internet, I’d like to offer a little unsolicited advice. Assuming Heather may be back I’m writing this directly to her.

I’m not sure what the purpose for a web site is, but I’m assuming it is self promotion. I’m not sure if you are looking to start something with paying content, but personally I doubt that would work, especially given your contract with Playboy doesn’t let you do nude work. What you want is a site fans will come to on a regular basis, so that when you do something that will make you money – like your appearance at Glamour-Con – your fans will find out about it.

The most important point here is will come back to, not can come back to. You can put up a site with pictures and info on appearances and people can come to it and find out more. But they won’t come everyday, or probably even every month. So they can miss something.

Having a site that is updated almost daily based on pictures gets either hard or expensive quickly. You need to take new pictures every week at least and that is a) time comsuming, and b) requires a photographer. You either find an amateur who will work for free, or you hire a pro. An amateur probably isn’t going to produce the best images and a pro will cost money.

What you need is a blog.

A blog is something you personally update on a very regular basis, possibly daily. Its cheap because you are creating the content yourself in the form of words. In it you gain an outlet for your creativity and an expression of your personality. Through a blog people get to live a life they don’t have. In your case they get to be a young beautiful red headed Playmate. They get to find out when it is glamourous and when it is boring or lonely. If you do this you’ll have die hard fans (probably both male and female) that will work for you and help you when you need them.

Blogging software makes it easy to create these kinds of sites. You find a geek to set it up for you and explain how to use it, and then you can simply write entries by filling out an online form or using an offline editor. So it doesn’t take a lot of time for you.

Not only does a blog help you update on a regular basis, it also make is easy for people to track when you do update it. If your site has an RSS feed, people can use special software that will check to see if you’ve made any new entries automatically. Right now my news reader is watching 58 different sites for changes and it takes me no time at all.

My guess is as public figure you are concerned about your privacy and maybe feel a blog could be dangerous. You do need to be careful, but it isn’t as hard as you might think to keep yourself safe.

I notice that your domain name is owned by Playboy, so they may be dictating what your site looks like, but if you have control over it I’ll make you an offer as a fan. I’ll set up the blogging software of your choice on your host for free, and work with you to make it look good. If you don’t know anything about this stuff I can pick the software and set it up on a host for you. I’ll also offer smart friend support and initial instruction. If you use a Mac I’ll help you set things up to make doing the daily entries even easier and introduce you to blogging. All you have to do is promise not to be a pain or rude.

Good luck whether you take my challenge or not and please stop back by and let me know when you get your site up.

Readers what do you think? Does my idea have merit?

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  1. I actually just found this page after all of these years! How funny the internet is! Well, let me start by thanking you for your great advice. Since my playboy contract ended before I got my site up, I was able to launch with playboy style nudity. After about 6 or 7 months I got really bored shooting the same style of poses and I decided to launch my VIP site. Both my playboy style nudity site, and my now one year old VIP, Playmate gone bad site have been growing and growing. I am proud to say that I have self produced all of the content on both sites, from hiring crew to scouting locations and doing both the set and wardrobe styling for all. It was really hard at first but now, having produced over 150 video clips and over 7000 images to date it has gotten a lot more fun. I really enjoy shooting more erotic photographs and videos and my websites are now my full time job. I have a full time staff photographer that travels everywhere with me to get the great shots (like a great set I shot a few months ago with a rally car in the mountains near Portland, Oregon). You’ll definitely be seeinf more of me in the next year! I will be sending out great content for magazine submissions as well as launching my brand new super site (both sites combined plus webcam chats, a diary and a ton more) this winter. I would love to hear what you think of the vip site (yes, it’s simple but I like that it’s not full of bs) because you had some great advice before! Feel free to e-mail me, my address is on my www site. Love, Heather Carolin
    Proud to be the youngest playmate and only redhead to ever show this much!!

  2. Ron says:

    Wow, well welcome back. It has been awhile since I wrote this. Advice still stands on the blog idea. And I’d put it in the free part of the site. If you update regularly, you’ll have lots of people coming back regularly and eventually they will probably decide to join.

    You VIP site looks nice, and the photography seems well done. Simple is good.

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