Move Along People


There are no pictures of Morgan Webb naked. At least that I know of on the Internet. And there sure as heck aren’t any here!

Obviously I’ve been looking at my referrer list. I tweaked it to show more items. And save more items, in hopes of seeing more real referrers and less search engine ones. But there are only so may real ones and a crap load of searches. And the vast majority of them are wanting pictures of Morgan naked.

Sheesh. I’m not saying I’d mind, but they don’t really seem to exist and I don’t deserve all the attention. But I’m not the only one. Cat talked about that being the #1 search on her site too yesterday. I’m #1 on google for “Morgan Web pics”. And this guy who is #7 doesn’t like it either.

So how do you tell Google it is wrong? Well it seemed to figure out the nude iraqi women, maybe it will figure this one out too.

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  1. Buzz says:

    Thanks, man. I do get a ton of hits for this. And while I do appreciate the traffic, this wasn’t really what I was aiming for. Oh well, as with all things, this too will pass.

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