Kung-Log Wish list


So I finally got around to giving the author of Kung-Log some money. When I did it I decided I now have the right to make some suggestions. So here’s my Kung-Log wishlist.

Nucleus pinging
I’m not sure why Kung-Log doesn’t support pinging URLs for Nucleus, unless MoveableType has its own internal XML-RPC that is being used to do the pings. Seems to me Kung-Log should just them ping them itself and not depend on the server. I wrote and AppleScript to do it for weblogs.com and blogrolling, but I have to remember to do it.

Auto iTunes insertion
I like to have Kung-Log automatically watch iTunes while I’m writing and insert songs as they change. I try to do it every the song changes, but often miss a song or too. You would need to be able to turn this off and on as you are working.

Related to pinging, there need to be default pings for every entry. I want to always ping the two places I mention above and don’t want to have to enter them every time.

Image uploading to Nucleus
At this point I’ve made my own AppleScript to do this, and I have a strange system for organizing image on my server so it might be moot, but I wish I could click a button in Kung-Log, select a picture file and have it uploaded to my server. I know Nucleus supports this in some way, because you can do it via the web.

My organization is to create a new folder in my media folder each month named the same thing as the month. I’m kind of anal about having too many files in a directory. Of course the upload feature of Nucleus puts all the images in one folder.

Being able to edit an older item
Kung-Log lets you view and edit the last ten items. I’d like to be able to some how bookmark older items, or even enter the item number if I know it, and edit. I’m not sure how this would work exactly. In my case I can get the item number because Nucleus uses it in the permlink to an item. I guess just an entry field to enter the item number and Kung-Log would ask the server for the old entry. Since some of my permanent links like referrers and About Me are really entries, this would be helpful.

Even with out these features Kung-log rocks and is worth money. Everyone should use it. I think I’m going to set it up for my wife to edit her blog.

Written while listening to “She Drives Me Crazy”
album The Raw & The Cooked
by Fine Young Cannibals
Written while listening to “Haunted”
album ^a
by Evanescence
Written while listening to “My Immortal”
album Origin
by Evanescence
Written while listening to “Bring Me To Life”
album Daredevil Soundtrack
by Evanescence
Written while listening to “Rocket Man”
album Greatest Hits
by Elton John
Written while listening to “Take It Off”
album Spend The Night
by The Donnas
Written while listening to “Bootylicious”
album Survivor
by Destiny’s Child
Written while listening to “The Good Fight”
album ^a
by Dashboard Confessional

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  1. The Tortured Artist says:

    Does Nucleus have any sort of trackback mechanism like Moveable Type? I referenced your post on blog ethics, but don’t see any way to notify you of that…

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