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Found a few gun blogs. And I thought they didn’t exist. One was publicola, which I found a little rabid for my tastes. He does link to some good stuff, but I found his arguments impractical. Still I would read the blog except for its fatal flaw. Later..

Next was The Smallest Minority which I really liked, but probably won’t read because it has the same fatal flaw. I’m starting to think it is a blogspot flaw.

Lastly there is Hell In A Handbasket, which I will read because it doesn’t have the fatal flaw. Also check out the comment thread on this article about what handgun to carry.

That comment thread led me to more gun blogs: The Spoons Experiment and Lead And Gold. Spoons isn’t flawed so I’ve subscribed to it.

There was Boone Country and Lead And Gold, both are flawed blogs.

What is the fatal flaw? NO RSS FEED. I just won’t regularly read a blog that I can’t read with my news reader. It handles going there and tell me if there is new stuff. This saves me a lot of time. Though I have to admit I’m sitting here planning to create a bookmark folder for RSSless blogs that look interesting, they won’t get read on a regular basis.

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  1. Publicola says:

    Alas, RSS is not possible with Blogger.

    But if you are really interested in RSS only blogs, chekc my blogroll. There are quite a few decent blogs, many of which write about guns & such, & most of them aren’t as rabid as I am. Or at least not as openly rabid. Yet. I’m working on them. 😀

    Just out of curiousity though, which arguments of mine are impractical? Or is it a general impracticality that is found in all my arguments?

  2. Kevin Baker says:

    As Publicola noted, RSS isn’t possible with Blogger. (Hey, waddaya want for free?)

    Glad you liked my site.

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