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Haven’t posted any woman pictures in a while, but if you are a MacOS X user you can subscribe to my .Mac screen saver and see what ever I currently think is interesting in the form of pictures. Right now it is sport bikes and women. Normally draped over the bike in minimal clothing, though there are a couple of pictures of women just riding and a number of pictures of just bikes.

My .Mac name is rondavis1 and you can get subscribe to the screen saver saver via the System Preferences application. Open it, from the Apple Menu is probably easiest. Select the Screen Effects icon. Then select the .Mac screen saver and click Configure. Enter “rondavis1” as the .Mac user name and configure the display with the check boxes. After you do this, the next time your screen saver comes on it will download pictures (there are currently 60) and display them.

Written while listening to “Silence Is Golden”
album Beautiful Garbage
by Garbage
Written while listening to “Til The Day I Die”
album Beautiful Garbage
by Garbage

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  1. The Tortured Artist says:

    Good lord! How is that red dress staying on??? I suppose I’m glad women can’t realistically ride bikes dressed like that… it would cause way too many accidents.

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