Here’s the promised entry on our BOB.

First when creating a BOB you have to think what you are likely to use it for. Almost by definition a BOB is for the times you may have to leave your house because of some danger there. It is to get you through till you get somewhere else you can sustain yourself, or until you return.

We first created our BOB a little after 9/11 and truthfully I was most worried about Nuclear Terrorism in Houston. Having done some research on small nuclear bombs, I now think it is unlikely a terrorist will get their hands on one. It’s highly unlikely they could build one, even Saddam would have only been able to build well bomb size bombs. Small suitcase ones are very high tech, a great refinement of the art. Only the US, Russia and maybe China really have the tech to do it.

So now I have to think, what would make us need to bug out. Bugging out means no time to prepare. If we know a day in advance we can pack like we would for a trip to the folks.

A fire might be one. In this case we would have to leave the house in a hurry, but we wouldn’t be going far. Our BOB is in our detached garage, so it probably wouldn’t be affected by a fire.

Another reason to leave our house would be a hurricane. Today is the anniversary of hurricane Alicia hitting the Texas coast. It was the last hurricane whose eye crossed right over Houston. Windows were blown out of skyscrapers in downtown, electricity was off for days. Lots of trees down in Kingwood, many hitting homes and letting the water in. It was still a tropical depression when it College Station, which is 100 miles north of Houston.

So I built the BOB based on needing to leave and having somewhere to go. We’ve got 2 days worth of clothing and toiletries. There’s no food in the BOB, though both of our cars have basic food in them, and water.

Here’s what was in the BOB:

Fire sticks
Matches – 3 boxes water proof
Whistle/Compass/Mirror thingy
2 Kids hats

Toiletry bag( attached to the backpack was a toiletry bad, like you would put in a suitcase on a regular trip).
First Aid related
250 Tylenol tablets
Chewable benadryl
Children’s Tylenol cold
Ace bandage
Oval eye pad
4 mini tubes Differin ( a skin medicine my wife used to use)

Sewing kit
Huge bottle Head and shoulders
Insect repellent
2 Disposable razor
Big thing of toothpaste
pack of gum
lip balm
Small scissors
3 toothbrush
little shampoo
little mouthwash
1 bar soap
makeup brushes?

2 adult hats
4 rain ponchos (Universal studios)

1 woman white socks
1 black socks
1 Woman’s t-shirt
1 Woman’s dress shirt
1 woman’s shorts
2 woman’s long pants
2 bras
2 woman’s underwear
2 men’s shorts
1 men’s long pants
2 men’s underwear
4 men’s t-shirts – could be worn by any one
2 men socks
4 boy socks
4 boy’s underwear (2 boxer, 2 brief)
2 boy’s shorts
1 boy’s sweat pants
4 boy’s t-shirts

It was an eclectic mix. I didn’t really like the toiletry bag, it was outside the backpack, just hanging by a strap. There was a removable pocket in the top of the backpack so I wanted to move everything from the toiletry bag into it. I also didn’t like the big bottles of stuff. Plus there were some obvious things missing.

Pads – there is a woman in our family and she does have periods, plus they could be used for first aid in a pinch.
Knife, swiss army
Flash light
First aid kit – more bandages

I also came up with the idea we could pack stuff that was usable by any of us and have more if some needed it. For instance, everyone can wear an adult t-shirt. So I replaced everyone’s shirts with those. Also all of us could wear men’s tube socks.

So these are the new contents/changes:

2 Hotel shampoo bottles
Tylenol in smaller bottle ( 100 tablets )
Smaller sun-block
Check size on boys clothes – ended up changing the underwear and pants for them as those in there were too small.
3 hotel soaps for bar
Toilet paper? half roll in baggie
2 Trash bags
candle (votive – requires no stand).
2 birthday candles
paper (postit note pad) and 2 pencils
Rubber bands – all clothes are rolled up and have a rubber band around them
Pepto bismol tablets
safety pens multiple sizes

Everything was repack in the back pack. It ended up weighting 20lbs, which isn’t too bad to have to carry for either me or my wife.

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  1. The Tortured Artist says:

    I keep meaning to build emergency kits, but never get around to it. The one thing I do have is a stockpile of water. After 9/11 we let the Ozarka people deliver around 4 extra 5 gallon jugs… enough to last us about a week or so of drinking and cooking.

    The one thing I’ve always wanted to get for an emergency kit is one of those wind-up radios… turn the crank for 30 seconds and it plays for about 30 minutes. It would be nice to not have to worry about batteries going stale for at least one thing in the kit. The new shakeable flashlights seem pretty cool, too.

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