Gun show this weekend


The Houston Gun Collectors Association is having their quarterly gun show this weekend at Reliant Center.

I’ve been looking for a holster for my P99 since I got it. I went to this show about a year ago and bought a PagerPal and a really cheap nylon clip holster. The PagerPal never really worked for me. As one site I read said it works if you aren’t pear shaped, but getting it out of my belt under my stomach was next to impossible. Also I normally wear my shirts tucked in, which doesn’t help.

I actually end up using the cheap nylon one when I carry. I want a inside the waistband middle of the back holster. Milt Sparks seem to make nice holsters, but they won’t make a small of the back holster.

I may end up getting one that slides in on the side. Of course then I have to wear my shirt out or a jacket. Or one of those stupid shooting vests that screams CHL to everyone with half a clue.

One of my co-workers has a fanny pack for his gun. He found it to be the best way to carry. Like him I think it looks a little gay, but it is worth it him to carry all the time.

The real solution is to get a smaller gun. I’ve thought about a PPK, to keep with the Walther family. I’ve also thought about Glock’sBaby Glock“, which would still give me a real 9mm. I’d like a gun small enough to carry in my pants pocket.

As the cop who gave me my last ticket said, it doesn’t do any good to have a CHL if I don’t have my gun with me. Of course I have a CHL for a number of reasons. Because I can. To up Texas’ CHL population. And to have the option to carry if I feel the need.

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