Site updating


Tightened up the site a little this morning. All changes made in the css file. Shrunk the text for the sidebar lists, took out a lot of inherited margin spacing in the item titles, the masthead and the sidebar. Important CSS tip: if you override the standard type (H1, H2 etc) you get all their attributes even the ones you aren’t paying attention to, including in this case their margins. Also changed the iTunes style to better handle multiple songs on an entry.

Also updated my NetNewsWire subscriptions. I wrote a script to display the OPML file, but have been lazy about uploading new OPML files when ever I change my subscriptions.

I’ve been meaning to post about making links. I’m trying to always make the text of the link indicate what it is going to. For instance in the previous paragraphs in the past I might have said, “You can see the script for displaying OPML here“. You see this a lot on the web, where people use “this” and “here” as links, and what you are going to is in the sentence. If it isn’t in the sentence, you have no idea where you are going, which is bad form in my opinion. I noticed when I visually scanned my pages the links really stand out and they should be informative. So I’ve tried to make them so. The original purpose of hyperlinks were to link to more information on the text they were attached to, like a footnote. Not as a simple navigation tool to another page.

Any way I like it and think it makes pages more useful.

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