Nudity isn’t enough


Added a couple of movies to my Netflix que because two my personally hotest actresses were in them nude, but the movies still were weak or sucked.

Billy Bathgate had an all star cast, Dustin Hoffman, Bruce Willis and Nicole Kidman. Nicole was naked in two scenes, but the movie overall was weak. It was a disjointed mobster tale, that didn’t even tie up all of the bits that well.

Of course Bathgate was oscar material compared to Raven, staring Bert Reynolds and Krista Allen. The opening military scene was enough to tell you this movie was poorly written, directed and ultimately acted. It was so bad you were soon wondering which aspect made it the worst. Was the script so bad the actors couldn’t pull off the lines no matter how good they were? It was bad, but the acting was wooden. Was the directing/editing so slow it made every one look like couldn’t remember their lines? Maybe.

It had only two redeeming features. One was the one I rented it for, Krista Allen naked. And she looked really good in a bikini in one beach scene. The other redeeming feature was who ever cast and dressed the other women in the film. No matter what the context, if there were a bunch of women in a scene they looked hot. They were well built, in short semi-professional 80s skirts and heels. I was reminded of the scene in Last Action Hero were the kid is trying to explain the world isn’t real because all of the people, even the clerks in the Blockbuster, are so hot.

Danny Madigan : OK, I got one. What about this girl right here. She is way too attractive to be working in a video store.

Jack Slater : I agree with you. I think she should be working with us … under cover of course…

The guys were also of the same ilk, muscular, lean and often shirt less, but my mental preferences didn’t notice this as much.

I saw an Inside the Actors Studio the other day with Sylvester Stallone and he said there are two kinds of actors: Performers and Actors. Performers are able to put themselves up there on the screen. Actors put someone else on the screen. This isn’t saying anything bad about Performers, only that they don’t do some of the things Actors do. They can still give a great performance and may work perfect for different characters. To me Krista Allen is a Performer. She has a raw sexuality you see in all her roles, but she doesn’t seem to do a bunch of different characters. Nicole Kidman is an actor, she does a wide range of characters.

Written while listening to “Get The Party Started” album Missundaztood by Pink
Written while listening to “Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go)”album Beautiful Garbage
by Garbage
Written while listening to “Untouchable”album Beautiful Garbage by Garbage
Written while listening to “Get The Party Started”album Missundaztood by Pink