Assault Weapon Ban and Other gun News


Just can’t seem to get off this topic. Here’s a press release on doing something about assault weapon ban. I’d also like to point out that bundled with the scary looking weapons ban is the 10 round max magazine ban, which I think would have a bigger impact on me. I can’t buy a 10+ magazine for my Walther P90 because it was released after the ban and none are available in the US. You can buy “pre-ban” magazines for a number of weapons. This means these magazines were imported or manufactured before the ban.

Looking around that website I found this article on a case that recently came out of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and looks like it will go to the supreme court. I especially like this comment from one of the decenters.

The majority falls prey to the delusion—popular in some circles—that ordinary people are too careless and stupid to own guns, and we would be far better off leaving all weapons in the hands of professionals on the government payroll. But the simple truth—born of experience—is that tyranny thrives best where government need not fear the wrath of an armed people.

Read all of the comments of Judge Kozinski they are great.

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