Krista Allen In FHM UK


I posted about Krista Allen back in March. Since then I’ve seen her on Andromeda and Fastlane. Noticed her on the cover of the UK version of FHM a couple of days ago. You can go look at some of the pictures and the making of video on their website. Also you can check out her website, which has a bunch of pictures, but most are poor quality scans.

Another cool page is KristaNet. She was on the cover of Stuff magazine in November 2000, and February 2003. Only Pam Anderson made the cover twice and one was the current one.

Quote from an article on her site: “I’m from Texas and very much into that whole old-school gentleman thing. ” She’s also a former Houstonian.

Written while listening to “Shoot the Moon”
album Come Away With Me

by Norah Jones