Most beautiful woman in Germany



Via Boing Boing: German scientist studying beauty got a number of Ms. Germany contestants to pose, without make-up, for pictures, then generated a computer average that was judged much more beautiful.

Obviously this isn’t really a fair contest, because the girls weren’t allowed to wear make-up, the computer was allowed to smooth the skin of the average. Plus the lighting was more flattering in the computer generated version. The skin didn’t shine on the computer generated like normal skin would. There were not shadows on the computer face from a lower light.

The picture in the bikini is more of a fair comparison with Katrin Wrobel, than the comparison picture. If we’re going to use a computer to optimize the competition we should be able to optimize the original. Also the site said “In contrast to their live evaluation on the catwalk, the beautiful women could not show a particular sexy way of walking or put on a charming smile…” which of course is part of a woman’s beauty. How she carries herself and how she looks at you and treats you.

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