New Look


Actually got into changing the look of the site. ZenGarden inspired me. Though I spent about an hour trying to get my item titles to rotate 90 degrees like deep thought, only to eventually realize it was done with graphics in the CSS file.

The Shield picture inspired the colors. If you are using MacOS X you should see the text and titles in American Typewriter, others will see it in Courier or just serif font. I had the main text at 11pt because that looked good in Navigator. But when I looked at it in Safari and IE it was WAY too big. So I set it at 10pt and that seems to be a little small in Navigator but work better in the other two.

I made no changes to the HTML of the page. I need to, but all of these changes were in the CSS file. I’m going to come in and clean up the HTML in the side bar, and I’m going to probably regroup things so they can be placed independent of each other. For instance all the stuff in the side bar is in one group. If each box was a group I could have moved the category list to be horizontal across the top of the page.