I’m beta testing Everquest for the Mac. girl I’ve played Everquest before on the PC, but soon got bored with it and quit. I’m trying to last longer in the Mac version so I can do some good testing. But it has a tendency to get a little boring. You basically go look for monsters you can kill, tell your guy to attack them and wait what they bang at each other. Then you loot the corpse, which probably doesn’t yield much, but you can sell what it does to get money to buy better stuff. You go up in level over time and gain new skills.

I think it will get better as I understand stuff. Like it is better now because I discovered a new area to hunt in. Of course every time I die in that area I get sent to another one and have to walk a ways to get back.

If any one else is playing Everquest Mac let me know and maybe we can link up and play as a group. I think that would be more fun.