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Decided to remove the referrers from the sidebar. I was noticing it seemed to take a very long time to load the page. I figured it was because of the referrer lists, so I added some code for timing to the scripts and sure enough that was it. It was taking 2 to 4 seconds to do the non-search referrer lists. Which made sense because each referrer had to compare to each line of the search engine lists, which currently has 269 lines in it. Could probably make it faster by sorting the list and doing a real search on it, which would lower the number of compares. But I didn’t really want to get into it, so I just moved it out of the sidebar.

I put it in an item, and added a link in the sidebar (at the top after archives) to that item. But then I found out you can’t change the date of an entry to the past. I was going to put the entry back at the beginning of the year so it wouldn’t be on the main page right now. But I couldn’t. So it will have to cycle off like other entries.

Written while listening to “Wash My Hands”

album Blurring The Edges

by Meredith Brooks

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  1. Christoph C. Cemper says:


    I changed/fixed your referer scripts and provided them here:

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