How to sue a telemarketer


Here is an interesting article about a guy suing a tele-marketer and winning.

Interesting in light of a conversation I had with a tele-marketer last night. I got a call from a guy trying to sell me Stars for DirectTV. I’m a DTV subscriber so I don’t mind them calling me for legitimate reasons, but I’m tired of being asked to buy more TV when I already watch too much. So I asked the guy how to get them to stop calling me for these purposes.

The guy happily said, “Sure and it works for any tele-marketer anytime. Just tell them ‘Please put me on your no call list’ and they have to and have to stop calling you.”

“Ok, please put me on your no call list,” I replied.

“OK, but you have to buy something first,” he said with a grin in his voice, “Just kidding.”

And he thanked me and hung up.

Be interesting to see if it works for everyone. I’m going to start doing it everytime I get called.

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