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I’m working on the redesign of Reactuate and I plan on having the referrer lists as links instead on on every page. I think they are slowing down loading every page. I hate to have static pages on my site because I like to be able to change the Nucleus templates and all of my pages change. So my test is to see if I can embed Nucleus keywords in a post and have them evaluated. If I can then I could enter a post with the referrer tag and use as the target of my referrer link.

Here goes.

UPDATE: So it didn’t work at first, but I found this post and made the change and it works now. It says its dangerous to allow this if you have multiple users posting but I’m the only one posting so it shouldn’t be a problem. Also noticed the image keyword. Need to check out what that is.

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    Lets make sure it doesn’t allow me to include PHP in comments.


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