Ghost Recon


Mentioned back when I was trying to squeeze in an entry to keep my blogging streak going, that I’m playing Ghost Recon. I’m not generally a First Person Shooter (FPS) guy. But I just played both Red Faction I & II al the way through. Ghost Recon is different though. It is much more realistic.

You are leading a team of Green Berets. I have a lot more respect for those guys now. The first time you peek around a corner and die you realize how unrealistic other FPS are. In Recon its 1 shot and you are normally dead. I did have a guy limping through half the mission wounded once. Every time you switched into his body you heard him whimpering. Couldn’t stand playing him. Eventually we got ambushed and he died along with all but one of the 6 guys on the team.

Written while listening to “(Urban Edit)”
album Stole

by Kelly Rowland