It free day and we’re going to the beach this afternoon. Right now I’m eating some microwaved Bagel Bites and looking for inspiration for a redesign of Reactuate.

I decided I wanted to do a redesign after I posted the Jullianne Moore pictures. I was struck by the black background image. It was a striking picture. I turned it into this (1280 X 854) desktop image.


So I wanted a black background, striking design. So I’ve been looking. There are two sites I’ve come across that I’ve gotten lots of links other well designed sites. One is Cool Home Pages. I’m not big on Flash site, and they really need a category just for blogs, but there are some good ideas out there. The other is a dead blog, Specifically I’ve followed a number of the links on this page, which lead to a lot of cool sites.

Written while listening to “When I’m Gone”

album When I’m Gone

by 3 Doors Down