Julianne Moore



Decided the blog needed some eye-candy and I didn’t really have anyone in mind, so I went over to AskMen.com. Voted for Tea Leoni as most beautiful pregnant woman and then went to their list of the 100 most desirable women. I even started a blog entry on Monica Bellucci, their #1.

But in my searching for images I found a new one (right) of a red head, Julianne Moore. She’s an accomplished actress. I’ve seen a couple of her movies: Evolution – which was bad, Boogie Nights – which was mmm…interesting, Magnolia – which was just weird.

She’s not a stunning beauty like Nicole Kidman, or a classic beauty like some models. No she’s a real beauty. Like someone you might really meet. Like the pretty woman you work with or see at a store you frequent.

Written while listening to “Irresistible”
album (unknown)

by Jessica Simpson