Why Blog


Got in this morning and was perusing the usual blog when I found this post by Sean, and it made me think.

Why do I blog?

There is obviously something basic in certain personalities that gets pleasure out of this kind of thing. We get pleasure out of writing about things and sharing it with others. Its a strange thing in some ways.

I went to a site via weblogs once and found this guys blog. I comment via email on one of his posts and asked why he didn’t have comments on his site. He said his site was personal and he didn’t want people commenting on some of the stuff he wrote there. My first thought was “Then why the heck are you posting it to the internet? And pinging Weblogs?”

I think at some level it is the basic desire to be known and have people care. We wish deep down that people care about what we post. Care enough to comeback and read more. We want to be like people who others care about. To me that is some of the motivation behind our idealization of famous people. Famous people are people others care about.

What makes people come back?

I find there a number of reasons I go back to a blog.

If it has relevant information I want. For instance Command Post, LGF and Sgt Stryker all have good war coverage. InstaPundit has good conservative thought. Boing Boing has links I just don’t find anywhere else. All the Mac sites because I like to keep up.

Another reason is to share a world or point of view I wouldn’t normally be exposed to. Reverse Cowgirl is one of these.

Some because there is a connection between the blogger and I. Sean’s site is one of these, we’re both BFLers (though he’s a better one than I)

Some I go to because I like the writing. Real Live Preacher and Andy Ihnatko’s YellowText are examples of this.

Those are my thoughts on this. At least for now.