Safari Bug


Discovered and reported a interesting bug in the Safari browser. If you have content in a left hand column and it sticks out into the right column, then you can’t click any link that start to the left of the end of the link.

For instance I had some long referrer links, that stuck out into the right hand column. So I couldn’t click an link that started to left of these links.

Of course the fix is to cause the long links to wrap. So I’m going to look into setting the CSS style to do this. Other wise I’ll have to do something in the referrer display script to shorten the links, which will be a problem because I don’t know how wise a string will be when rendered.

UPDATE: I discovered there was going to be no CSS solution, mostly because the strings being displayed were URLs and had no spaces in them. Where would they be wrapped. So I changed the script so it chops off the display string at 30 characters and puts … next to the ones it shortens. Looks better that way.