A blatant Hot or Not rip off, but a refinement of the site. actually puts words to the values. You can post comments on the picture. And if you pay you can rate people naked.

Hot or not to me is something of a train wreck, but interesting. One thing about it is the quality of the picture affects your rating. If it is all blurry and crapy you are going to get a lower score. But what happens is cutish people with low self esteem, like a lot of the teen age girls on these sites, don’t want their picture taken. This insures they get a crappy picture, causing a low score, leading to an even lower self esteem.

That said I haven’t put up a picture yet. Buddy of mine put his wife’s picture on Hot or Not, but didn’t tell her. Then he told her when she got a high score. My wife threatened bodily harm if I do that.