I listen to my iPod a lot and am always looking for new music. One great way to find music that is like music I like is to get a peer to peer network like Napster was and GNUTella is now, search for a song I like and when I find it view the files shared by the person sharing that file. This gives me a list of files liked by people who like what I searched for.

An obvious idea would be to do this association without the file sharing. You’d submit a list of the songs you like to a web site, then you could look for people who also submitted songs you like and see what they are listening to.

That’s just what AudioScrobbler does. And it is pretty cool. It is eventually going to automatically suggest tunes based on yours but right now it just lets you like to others with similar songs.

You need a client running on you machine to submit music as you listen to it. I use OSX and iScrobbler. It seems to work fine, I’ve never had any problems with it.

The only problem I have is I normally listen to songs on my iPod, which iScrobbler can’t see. One trick I use is to mute my laptop and tell iTunes to play MyTopRated playlist even though I’m not listening to it.