Got a whim today to put my name into Google and see what was out there for me. Well I personally don’t even make in onto the first page.

But there are Ron Davis’ that play jazz, sell radiators, sell real estate, fight dyslexia and other wild things. I found a Ron Davis I wouldn’t mind being. He’s a photographer in LA, specializing in celebrities. And he’s good. I love this shot of Reba MacEntire. His pictures of Tiffany are good too. Make her look worthy of Ron’s Pantheon of Redheads. (Got to make an actual page out of that….). Victoria is hot too. I’m sure the guy photos are good too.

See I’d like a job, or even a hobby of taking pictures of beautiful women. There are just a couple of problems with this for me. I’m not a great photographer. I don’t have the opportunity to practice. Plus I don’t know a bunch of hot chicks to practice on, and I’m too shy to find them.

You know I actually was a portrait photographer at one point in my life. I was a the One-Hour photo lab I worked at and we had pretty set pictures we’d take so it didn’t take much talent.