Bogus referrers


I’ve added some code to the lgf-referrer script I’m using to block certain domains from the list. Mostly I’ve blocked search engines, since I have them in my other list. But I just figures out two new ones to block today, and is the ping checking that my site has changed. I ping whenever I change the site. Sometimes I go there just to find random new blogs, and I figure other people do the same. But I don’t need their robot in my referrer list. I don’t like to know when someone comes from there to my site, so shows up in the list.

Technorati is a cool site, but they hit my site every time I come up on Unfortunately blocking them means I won’t see when people come from their site to look at the site.


  1. David Sifry says:

    Well, that’s a bummer. We like Technorati to be useful to you, and blocking the indexing spider is your perogative, but I don’t understnd why you would want to do it – are we hitting your site too hard? Is it a CPU or bandwidth issue?

    Always looking to make the Technorati service better…


  2. Anonymous says:

    Not so much that you are hitting it too hard, no harder than radio is. I just like my list to show real people who are hitting the site, and not robots.

    I can’t tell the difference between the spider and a click from your site to my site to filter them differently.

    BTW: the only thing that is blocked is you URL going into my referrer list. You spider can crawl the site as much as it wants.

  3. David Sifry says:

    Ah, OK. No problem then. You might want to filter for the exact URL ‘http://…/‘ – any click-throughs will come from deeper links.

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