Charlize and AppleScript



Mostly I’m testing an AppleScript I wrote to thumbnail and upload pictures, but here’s a new pictures of Charlize Theron.

Classic example of how much a woman can change her look. I wouldn’t think these two were the same people.

The script worked, but Safari doesn’t seem to want to display the image on this page if the align=”left” is in the image tag and the image tag is at the end of the message. If I take the align out it draws, but has all the text under the image and not next to it. If I move the image – with the align – before the message it works fine.

Let’s add another picture this time with a right align and after all of the text. Result, both of them put the image down below the text and to the right. Into the next message. Putting the image tag at the beginning – right under the other image tag – it ends up like you see it now. On the left and right.

This was sort of real time blogging, about blogging, with updates as I changed things.