Canadian Perspective


An interesting article from the National Post in Canada about the disagreement between the US and France/Germany over Iraq.

Points that interested me:

“Americans put their ideals ahead of profits. Think Cuba’s Fidel Castro. Or Libya. Or scores of others that are subjected to Congressional economic boycotts at great cost to businesses.”

Aren’t all of the anti-war protesters saying the only reason we are doing this is to get the Iraqi oil? Could we be doing it for ideological reasons?

“Fortunately Canada, …, has always received grudging acceptance by Washington when its foreign stances differ. Yet with the exception of Vietnam, Canada usually comes through — but only after a decent interval in order to appear to consult, casting an illusion of real sovereignty.”

Ouch. Makes Canada look a little whimpy.

“German military might is an oxymoron (thank goodness) and, as for the French fighting spirit, enough said.”

This seems to be saying neither one of these countries are a military power. Which is true to some extent. But they still sit on the Security Council. Maybe the veto power of that body needs to be changed.

The author says most of this is because Britian’s economy is bigger than France’s and France is Iraq’s biggest trading partner. The French have a reputation as being arrogant and now they feel they have become irrelevant so they are trying to prove they are relevant by being a pain.

“Germany’s leader is in a snit toward Britain’s Fleet Street. Details of his sleazy personal life in tabloid form has embarrassed and angered Gerhard Schroeder who has sought legal remedy in the courts to muzzle Britain’s journalists. This is why his firm stance against the Anglo-American Iraqi initiative is at odds with public polling in Germany.”

Seems a little strange the German PM is causing major political problems with the US because he doesn’t like British tabloids. But the last sentence is interesting. The media blogger community are saying all of the French, German and for that matter American people, are opposed to the war. It’s only the leaders who want the war. But this says polls say the German people are in favor if it?

All in all a scathing commentary on France and Germany.