D.J. Wallis was featured on this site a few weeks ago as a consummate fitness babe. Today I found her website and thought I’d post it an new pictures from it.

I love some of the copy that goes with her pictures from magazines. Like, “No bathing suit can contain all of her sultry beauty. This budding fitness superstar has the look of a classic Hollywood star. Her warm demeanor and dewy eyes invite her audience to dove right in.” or “D.J. Wallis isn’t a product of some human coloning experiment, but rather natural selection at its finest, combining brans and brawn with a down-to-earth affability that belies her truly outstanding DNA.”

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  1. Keeble Walker says:

    Words ove the most educated: "Some say but, "I’ say only this, "I’ like you, "DJ Wallis" and how is your kitty cat!! and how are you about, bakeing me and you, A, blue berrie pie, see, um all alone at home by my self wasting uway, and wood you, be my wood stock friend?!!a nd wood, you write to me, see, um lonely and needing you, as my door nob; nocker friend,!! nop trick and here, is, my very, wanting ove you, to write to me as well as come, on up and nock at my door; and yes, bring your, kitty cat, door, number, 7, and yes, my hoem address, as you will see it as you read me off, "Keeble Walker 300th NOrth 40th, Muskogee Oklhoma 74401" and dont be nasty to me just, stick your lips out and whistle!! and yes, whats, A, nice dirl like you doing in A, palce like me and you, yes, me and you can kittyc at this off, and have A, Fatel utarction incounter,w ill she do it and will she nock and say, its me, kitt cat man, please write to me, nothing nasty but all your red back and all that, short red dasey duke short stuf, and my "I’ stuf your, turkey, please say yes, wow, bowwow.

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