Thinking Big


There are new designs for what is going to go in the place of the World Trade Center. And all of them are inspirationally big. The last set were kind of boring. And I think they were harnessed by the need to make the buildings financially viable in a slow office space market. The problem was people want to be inspired. The new guys get it.

There’s the fairy tale tower. Does is actually have offices in it or is it just the world biggest piece of art.

The triangular towers. Looks cool, but unstable. Though I’m sure it isn’t.

World’s largest tic tac toe board.

Then there is a park. Is this to replace buildings?

This is down right SciFi.

Looks like half the office space in Manhattan would be in this one building.

This reminds me of Earth Final Conflict. Is this the new Talon headquarters? Of course all of these have that cool near future look.