Blog Hosting


I was looking at blog hosting services last night for a friend who wants a blog. She wanted anonymous, cheap/free. I wanted RSS feed. And I didn’t want blogger/blogSpot, because their Blogger API sucks. I want MetaBlogger API. (of course I’m thinking soon someone is going to have to come up with a new blogging API). Traceback Ping would be good as well, even though I don’t really understand it yet.

But she wanted it now. She was burning with the desire to blog NOW. So I did a Google search and found this page, which has a list of blog hosts. Started at the top, and got to Blog-City. Its free, has RSS feeds and seems anonymous. Don’t know if it supports the MetaBlogger API or not, but that’s not important for her yet. When I subscribed to her blog this morning I noticed the default RSS feed doesn’t have any description, which sucks.

Not sure I’m going to leave her there, but she got her first blog entries out. The reason I’m not sure is I’d like a host that uses Nucleus or Moveable Type. But the ones I found aren’t free. Of course she’s posted two messages and wanted to add images, which blog-city didn’t make immediately available. So she’s thinking about signing up for the Pro version. Which means she’s going to have to pay. Which means she could go with a service that uses Nucleus or Moveable Type.