Gun, Blogging and a Voice


I’ve been looking for “Voice”, to theme or focus, for Reactuate. I’ve got a number of areas of expertise and interest I could use. I’m a Mac programmer by trade, but I have a shareware company with its own blog for that.

I thought about politics because the blog-o-sphere is woefully lacking in conservative voices. But I really don’t like to argue about politics all the time, and I’m of the opinion people believe what they want, and arguing rarely changes things.

Another area that I believe in, that is woefully lacking in blogland is guns. I live in Texas and there fore have the right to accept the responsibility of being licensed to carry a handgun. I’ve exercised that right and now have a CHL. So I could write about that. But really its isn’t that big a deal. I don’t carry all of the time anyway.

I’m also interested in science fiction and I’m a Christian. But again I have another site that covers that.

So after this bit of public reflection, Reactuate still doesn’t have a theme. But I’m working on it.

Update:I actually found at conservative voice. Off a Wired article about Michael Moore no less. Whoo-hoo.