Ads have to be entertaining.



>71% of TiVo users fast forward through ads

But do they fast forward through 100% of ads? As a avid Tivo user I find there are two things that keep me from FF through comercials.

First is I need to go to the bathroom. I’ll let a comercial break run rather than pause and FF when I get back.

The other reason is I see a cool looking ad during FF. Some ads catch my attention and I’ll actually rewind to see them.

To me an ad, on TV or the web, is a form of entertainment. Therefore it needs to be entertaining. It if is I’ll watch it. If it isn’t I won’t.

The ultimate in entertaining advertising are the BMW Films. The Hostage showed up on my Tivo as a special feature, ie BMW paid Tivo for special placement, and after I watched it I, for the time, actually wanted an expesive German car.