Unsubscribing blogs


I dropped two blogs from my NetNewsWire subscription list since election day. Scripting News and Daring fireball. I also almost dropped another because of their stupid left wing politics.

I kind of need to suck up to Dave Winer, because I want him to change a spec he controls. But after his thrid stupid comment about Bush and Republican’s wanting war with Iraq because they want to oil, I unsubscribed. The guy must be an idiot. Of course he’s from California, so they explains a lot. Those people never seem to think. I guess he doesn’t give a crap if the Iraqi people are oppressed. If a despot who killed millions of his people, his neighboring Iran’s people, and is one of the few people to invade another country in the past 25 years has nuclear or chemical weapons.

The oil argument is stupid because we don’t need Iraq’s oil. We happen to buy it, but we could do without it. The only people who currently benefit from Iraqi oil is Hussan. If he is kicked out a democratic government is put in place, the all of Iraq can benefit.

But that doesn’t matter. Not if we have to fight for it. Fighting is bad.

This isn’t a very articulate posting, but it got under my skin and I’m venting.

I didn’t unsubscribe immeadiately because I figured the American people had just told liberals all across the nation they suck and that made them need to vent and feel superior. But they’ve had a couple of days to grow up, and I’m not going to keep reading thier crap.