Need Your Help To Start Writing a Book

Since the fall of Reactuate Games I’ve been trying to decided what I’m going to do with my life. I won’t go into the process that I’ve been going through because that would be a distraction, but I’ve decided to decide. I’m going to write a book. Working title is Distinctions For Life. It will…

“Grown Up” What’s that mean really?

Yesterday I got a number of calls from my eldest who is 190 miles away in Austin. Seems his computer monitor got knocked over and broke. He was calling to ask if the warranty would cover that. (AppleCare spoiled him. They fixed everything on his MacBooks.) I could tell he was trying to get me…

Life Planning: Know What You Want

I’m starting a new mini-series on Distinctions For Life leading up to the release of my first actual product. This is the first video in that series. A step you have to take before setting goals. Life Planning: Know What You Want from Ron Davis on Vimeo.

You Don’t Really Want Money

You Don’t Really Want Money from Ron Davis on Vimeo. You Don’t Really Want Money Today Distinctions For Life goes to Glennwood Cemetery in Houston Texas to talk about money. We visit Howard Hughes grave and try and put money in perspective. Learn about finding what you really want and how to get it with…

Distinctions for Life: The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule from Ron Davis on Vimeo. You can’t live life to the fullest if you ignore morality, and the greatest teacher in the world on morality was Jesus. Today’s distinction looks at the sermon on the mount and short version, which is the golden rule. Learn a common misconception about the golden rule…

The Key To Wealth

Its Monday and that means a new video from Distinctions For Life starring your truely. Have A Business from Ron Davis on Vimeo. Show Notes

How To Control Your Emotions Using Focus

The latest episode of Distinctions For Life where I talk about how to control your emotions using focus. How To Use Focus To Change How You Feel from Ron Davis on Vimeo.