What I learned from The Game and The Pickup Artist

Why is a very happily married man reading a book on how to pick up women?

The Principles Work For Everyone

At a fundamental level, the methods Mystery teaches work for any social situation where you want to meet and have fun with people. Sure they are all taught in the context of night clubs, but that doesn’t have to be where they are used. They are taught for the purposes of meeting girls and “closing” on a variety of level. Kissing/making out, getting phone numbers to continue the relationship the next day, or getting laid. But that doesn’t have to be the outcome you are going for. For instance as a photographer I often meet pretty women I’d love to shoot. These principles easily apply to a “photoshoot close”.

Tabitha Superhero With Sword

OK, by now I should be home from MacWorld, but I’m probably asleep. This is a bonus. There were lots of good images from this shoot. Here’s another with the sword.

Tabitha Closest

I’ve never shot a model with a flat belly that said she got it by working out. Tabitha was no exception. I wanted to capture those muscle lines and I could see them while talking to her and shooting. But it was kind of hard to get them to show up on demand. I asked…

Tabitha Warm Light

Sometimes when you are shoot you hit a light setup that just works. It seems you can take no wrong with it. This was that setup for this shoot. And of course when you have a model that looks like Tabitha, you could spend all day shooting it.