Family Preparedness

Have I not been paying attention to Hell in Handbasket? I mean I subscribe and read him everyday, but missed this post. Caught it in the Chronicle of Cordite. James talks about how to be prepared as a family. Good stuff that deserves some thought. I think its time to teach the boys to shoot….

Looter Quote

From InstaPundit: “If you’ve got a week’s supplies, and a gun, you’ll usually do okay after a disaster.” Related story about property owners protecting themselves. Update: Another quote from the article that inspires a rant. “Yes, in a sense it’s wrong, but survival is the name of the game,” said the woman, who would not…


Too few people have heard of these guys. Air Force Pararescue are probably the best trained medics in any military. Their training is crazy, going to schools from all the major branches, while studying for their own medic training.

Talk to Strangers

Via Les Jones: Security expert Bruce Shneier says Talking to strangers is the best security strategy for kids in distress. He’s been saying it for years. I like this quote from the article and his book. “In a world where good guys are common and bad guys are rare, assuming a random person is a…

Fitness and Survial

I haven’t written a survival entry in while, but I’ve had one percolating in my cortex of a while now. And today I discovered a new blog Paratus that inspired me to take a few minutes and write it out. When most people think about survivalism or preparedness, they think of crazy gun nuts preparing…

First Aid Kit

Been a long time since I wrote anything survival related. But I ran into this post by a former Marine in medical school about a fanny pack first aid kit and a trunk trauma first aid kit. Interesting and important stuff.

Power for how long

This piece estimates how long power would stay on if everyone turned into zombies. I’ve often wondered this. Catastrophic loss of life is a common what if in science fiction. Think Omega Man, The Stand and others. You don’t have to turn into zombies.

Kim’s BOB

Back August of 2003 I posted about the contents of my Bug Out Bag. Today Kim du Toit posted some of his bug out stuff. It was a reminder to me that we need to check out the bag and make sure things are up to date. It also reminded me that things have changed…