Beauty and Brains Trailer

One advantage to DFL is that there is now no home for Beauty & Brains, the interview show I shot a few months back. So I’m moving it here to Reactuate. Here’s the trailer. Beauty And Brains Trailer from Ron Davis on Vimeo. Beauty and Brains interviews women asking them questions about herself, Art &…

Models: Preparing for the Shoot

Great article for models on what they should do to prepare for a shoot. I always wanted to write such an article for my Photographers Guide to Models series. Now I’ll just like to this article.

New Model Guidelines

I’m arranging shoots and got the question, “What should I bring?” for the umpteenth time and decided I need to make a generic answer to that. So I looked at my modeling app and realized I need to explain what each kind of shoot is, and “what to bring” is related to the shoot type….

PGM: Posing

This entry is from my series: A Photographer’s Guide To Models. Pretty girls who want their picture taken are abundant. Models are few and far between. What’s the differences? A model’s got skills. 🙂 There are a lot of skills a model has, but the two I’m going to talk about are expressions and poses….

PGM: Model Managers are the Kiss of Death

This entry is from my series: A Photographer’s Guide To Models. If you are a goth model the kiss of death might be a cool concept, but generally it is a very bad thing. I met a young woman a few weeks ago and gave her my card. She was cute. She was dress iconically,…

Writing an Online Model Profile

This entry is from my series: A Photographer’s Guide To Models. Been cruising the online modeling sites today and can’t help but write something about profiles. By a profile I mean the actual text that goes with your portfolio. Here’s a few bad things. Saying you only want paid work when you have a crappy…

Mil Blogger from Iraq

Here’s my new blog for the week. Across the Pond. It’s written by a guy who was/is in Iraq. A very interesting view into military life from the ground. Check him out and send some link love.

I Centered Writing

“The Complete Book of Scriptwriting” (J. Michael Straczynski) Babylon 5 used to be my favorite TV show. I loved the 7 year arch. So, being me, I jumped on its creator’s book on screen writing. In one of the chapters he talks about writing for one of B5’s most self centered characters, Londo Mollari. He…