Electorial College

Personally I’d like to sleep through today and just wake up tomorrow and see who won. But that isn’t going to happen sooooo…since all the cool kids are doing it…here’s my prediction of the electoral college. I also decided to be an optimist. Personally I don’t think it is going to be close. Either I’m…

Editorial Comic of the Day

Cox & Forkum: On pins and needles. Yeah its partisan, conservative, Republican etc. It’s also probably true.

Duty Vs Rights

Sunday our church had a special service to honor our local firefighters. Our minister gave a short sermon and one line really stood out to me. “We here a lot about rights, but not much about duty”. We have a bill of rights. This delineates those rights that an individual citizen has in our republic….

Cookie Gate

Follow up on the previous highly political and very important cookie bake off. Investigative reports at NPR and the New York Times have discovered that not only are the pumpkin spice cookies of Ms. Kerry nasty, they aren’t hers. For months this important fact has been hidden from the people. I demand a immediate recount….

This land is my land

I thought it would be stupid, but it was really funny. This Land Is My Land by George and John.

Wanting to cry at work

I’m not a big crier, but I wasn’t able to finish this article and picture of President Bush hugging a young woman who lost her mother in the World Trade Center. I got there via Willow’s link to an article on a picture of President Bush running with a solider who lost his leg in…

Oatmeal-Chocolate vs. Pumpkin Spice

I think it is another example of how John Kerry and his wife are out of touch with general Americans. Every election Family Circle has a Election Cookie Bake off. This year Laura Bush put forth her recipe for Oatmeal-Chocolate Chunk Cookies. How can you not like chocolate chip cookies, and these are big chocolate…

Operation Tiger Claw

Via Capitalist Lion: One high school guy’s battle against the man. Wonder if this will show up on Boing Boing. Written while listening to “Your Body Is a Wonderland” album Room For Squares by John Mayer