Tabitha Superhero With Sword

OK, by now I should be home from MacWorld, but I’m probably asleep. This is a bonus. There were lots of good images from this shoot. Here’s another with the sword.

Tabitha Closest

I’ve never shot a model with a flat belly that said she got it by working out. Tabitha was no exception. I wanted to capture those muscle lines and I could see them while talking to her and shooting. But it was kind of hard to get them to show up on demand. I asked…

Tabitha Warm Light

Sometimes when you are shoot you hit a light setup that just works. It seems you can take no wrong with it. This was that setup for this shoot. And of course when you have a model that looks like Tabitha, you could spend all day shooting it.

Tabitha Soft Glamour 3

When I’m looking for a glamour image for a model that is somewhat shy, this is what I think of. A woman in a man’s dress shirt is just sexy. And she’s almost totally covered. The key is to get a natural expression that reflects the sexy and the softness. For the record Tabitha hit…