My Next Computer

I have had a Mac laptop as my main computer for over 7 years. Every member of my family has their own laptop and we don’t own a single desktop machine. That is all about to change. My boss came in last week and asked if I was planning on buying any new hardware before…


iTunes is proving its ability to help TV networks. I noticed they were giving the pilot episode of the new show Psych away for free. I’ve never seen a iTunes TV show so I decided to download it to test the experience. The experience was painless, and the show turned out to be very funny….

Network and Hard Drive Rack.

Is is simply brilliant. As Gizmodo says its one of those things that is so simple I don’t know why I didn’t think of it.

New Mac Ads

I think the new Mac Ads are cool, but PC guys probably won’t.

Myspace and Apple Store Followup

Remember how I said the Woodlands Apple Store was full of teens on Myspace? Well seems Apple is now blocking Myspace in some stores.

MySpace Apple Store Story

Last week before going to Atlanta you may remember my computer was in the for repair. On Thursday night it finally came back and I had to go to the Apple Store in the Woodlands. This is a fairly large Apple store. Bigger than the one in the Galleria. There are apple computer’s all around…

Back Pain and No Computer

On Monday morning I couldn’t get out of bed or stand up straight. My chiropractor was taking three days of spring break off. I thought it would go away if I just laid down for a day, but alas it didn’t. I called and got an appointment with a local chiropractor and missed another day…