2 minutes to post

Didn’t want to bust my longest posting spree. Hopefully just in time. Beach was fun. Took pictures. Am playing Ghost Recon. That’s real content


Two interesting blog worthy events this morning at church. First it is Palm Sunday and the church had its Easter play “The Borrowed Tomb”. Thing that really struck me was the story is really powerful. Seems strange for a life long Christian to be reminded the story is really powerful. It is THE STORY, of…

Who eats better? You or your Kids?

I had a thought today about who eats better. Today is my BFL free day and I’ve never wanted one more. So I’m eating like a pig. Which really isn’t the best way to do BFL. But that said, my kids aren’t eating all that well either today and it got me to thinking, who…

My next car

I currently drive a Pontiac Firebird, but GM in their wisdom have discontinued the Firebird/Camero lines, so I have to look for a different car for the future. Plus Pontiac has been a pain the ass on warranty and I’m not buying another one from them. When I was young there were two cars I…

How to make fun of your wife

I once read an article, I think it was in GQ, that said men make fun of their best friends. They don’t insult or mess with their not so good friends. In a way this make a perverted kind of sense. Your best friends know you don’t really mean it, your so-so friends aren’t sure….

Xmas expansion

Here’s some more stuff I want for Christmas. Just some other books. Cocoa Programming Shadow Puppets

Suanna’s List

To make things complete, here’s my wife’s list. And I don’t have any links for it because I don’t think most people would buy this stuff online. duvet cover for down comforter–$50-75, Bed Bath and Beyond frame for my nature original that’s still not framed–$250, probably large bookshelves, one dark, two light– Cost Plus, when…

Kids Xmas lists

My kids have a Christmas list now and here it is. Animal Crossing, for Nintendo GameCube Metroid Prime, for Nintendo GameCube Sly Cooper, for PlayStation 2 Age of Mythology, for PC Not exactly a variable choice of item types.