Name That Police State

There is a long article, linked to at the end of this post, about a well known country that is a staunch friend of the US. But looking at these statements you have to wonder why. In twice-a-year visit, officers fill out Residence Information Cards about who lives where and which family member to contact…

Shannon and Xavier

Shannon is ex-military and I believer her husband is still in. So we shot something with my carry gun, a Springfield XD 45 sub compact. And yes I named it Xavier. Personally I think Walt – my Walther P99 – was a prettier gun, but Shannon makes Xavier look good. Or you don’t notice.

Front Sight Membership Deal

If you remember the Mrs and I went last February for the 4 day handgun class at Front Sight, which was excellent. We both really learned a lot and I would have loved to become a member, but most of Front Sight’s memberships are outside our price range. But for the next week they are…


Ignore the sound track. There is no limit on how many guns you can carry if you have a CHL. This is over kill and I doubt you could walk with a shotgun down your leg. Maybe we should just have people come to school naked.

Funny Wedding Announcements

Was let to the People of the Gun website and clicked on a few links under pictures. One was a gun toting redhead so I had to go there. Found this post with picture of wedding announcements where the names put together were funny. Strangely I have no current photograph of me was a gun….

Children’s Programming

They don’t make them like this any more. A 55 Calibier rifle called a Boy’s Anti Tank gun.