Why Women Should Carry

My wife called me a couple of minutes ago and says, “I was in an accident. An Expedition hit me.” Click. Hang up or dropped call. Call back. No answer. A few minutes later she calls back and gives me the details, starting with “They were going to give me a ticket, but they didn’t.”…

Story of a Gun Fight

This is a video – the raw video – of an interview with a man involved in a gun fight where two others were killed. It is a good follow up to my article on what to do after a gun fight.. Dr Piazza has some take aways on the FrontSight Blog as well. Heaven…

IWB A Quantum Leap In Concealability

I’ve been meaning to post on my new holster for a while now, but have been really busy with other stuff. For years now since I got my CHL I’ve been using a Fobus Paddle holster to carry first my Walther P99 and later my Springfield XD. Obviously I liked the holster a lot because…

Vote Andrea Rene

I’ve been following the search for a new Mahalo Daily host for awhile now and already had a favorite before today’s episode. Lucky for me the gun toting babe was the cute redhead Andrea Rene I was already rooting for.

She chose as her audition episode topic “How to shoot a gun”. While we didn’t learn much about how to shoot, it was fun watching a totally new shooter doing it for the first time. Her “Mahalo” in the final credits is worth watching the whole video.

Natural Is Not Optimal

A few days ago I went down the hall to a coworkers office for some conversation. We got to talking about holsters and drawing from them. I was explaining how when you draw from the hip, you draw the gun straight up from the holster, and then pivot it forward right next to your body. Then you push the gun out toward the target.

My non-gunner friend commented “That just doesn’t seem natural.”

Which is isn’t.

I explained the reasons for doing it this way, but the comment stuck in my head for later contemplation.

Navy Firearms Training

Got one of my weekly emails from FrontSight offering their current deal. The thing that made it blogworthy was the included letter from a Navy Petty Officer about their firearms training. Speaking only for myself, my firearms training is limited to what I received in boot camp, which was two hours of classroom instruction, two…

World War Z

For Christmas I asked for and got World War Z and the The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks. I haven’t really read the survival guide much and haven’t finished WWZ, but I have to give it a major thumbs up. WWZ is one of the best written books I’ve read in a long time….

Gun Kata

With a name like that how could I pass up blogging this entry about a “martial art” based on the gun, the Gun Kata from the 2002 film Equilibrium. More details are on the Equilibrium fansite under Gun Kata. Personally after watching both clips I find it totally ridiculous. Funny thing the guy says you…