The Jing Project

If you haven’t seen the Jing Project yet, you have to check it out.

StumbleUpon Can Hurt Your Site….

…it can help it alot too. So I’m very interested in anything that will attract traffic to my new site Distinctions For Life. I recently found a course on using StumbleUpon to get lots of traffic. I’m on lesson 3 and she just told me something every blogger should know.

Comment Luv

I was commenting on Men With Pens and discovered something really cool. At the bottom of each comment was a little line that said something like. “Ron’s last blog post..” and had a link to that post with its title. Turns out that was because of the plug-in Comment Luv. Its so cool I had…

Internet Business

Went to lunch today with a coworker and we talked internet business and marketing. See I’m getting ready to launch a new business/web site real soon. It will take my passion for glamour photography and turn it into something I can hopefully make a living at. More details to come. Soon. There were three main…

Twitter as a Microblog

Since I started using Twitter a couple of weeks ago it has become obvious to me there are many levels of publication to my life. Since I think this is true of everyone to some extent and to many in the blogosphere to a greater extent I thought I’d write a post about it.

Sharing your life online comes in many forms. In this post I look at those different forms or levels and how a blog and a twitter feed figure into them.

Tech In The Real World

iJustine stayed at SXSW after Interactive and Film were over for the Music part. This video is great and shows you how the “real world” sees tech. Made me crack up as a geek.

Twitter In Plain English

This is a video that explains what use Twitter. My comments after. It seems to me that if you really do tweet about everything you do people get bored with it. I know I’ve stopped following people who have too much minutia. And it is a cliche that tweeting you went to the bathroom is…

VLOG SXSW: On Interviewing

During SXSW I recorded a number of interviews and I record a number of vlogs where I talk to the camera. This is one of those vlogs, where I talk about my feelings about approaching people for interviews. VLOG SXSW: On Interviewing from Ron Davis on Vimeo.