Houston Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Med Options

The other day I was reading OldPremeds.org and someone was asking where they could talk leveling course in Houston for pre-medschool application. In general med schools seem to want all your biology, chemistry, statistics, and physics to come from a four year college, so community colleges are out. The list posted on OldPremeds was incomplete so I did a little research and found these places.

Post-Baccalaureate means a person already has a bachelor’s degree and just wants to take course without getting another degree.

St Thomas

Offers a Pre-Med program and Post-Bacc admissions.


Offers Post Bacc program and a Pre-Med program.


Offers a Pre-Health Degree plan in the Biology department. Has Post Bacc programs, and the application does ask if it is pre-medicine.


Pre-med post bacc advising and courses. You also might be able to go to some of the satellite campuses, like UH-Clear Lake or UH-Pearland.


Rice Class III Continuing Studies which requires at 3.0 GPA to get in and costs like $1300-$1500/hr depending on if they consider you a graduate student or an undergrad.

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  1. Ruth says:

    I’m loving the post-bacc program at University of St. Thomas. I haven’t taken Biology or Chemistry in 10+ years and Dr. Amin (Biology) and Dr. Ellison (Chemistry) have been amazing. Teachers are always available via email (responses within 10 minutes most of the time) and face to face. Even the academic advisor (Dr. Steiger) for the program emailed me at 8pm on a Friday night to tell me about the program. I also registered the day that classes started without any issues.

    I tried to go to HBU but all their classes were full and registration was incredibly difficult and that is why I went to St. Thomas. In addition, no one could answer any of my questions. At St. Thomas if someone couldn’t answer my question they would find the person who could and have them contact me or give me there information so I could contact them.

    If you are serious about getting into medical school or another medical related field and you want committed professors then St. Thomas is a great choice. They have many resources for students and getting help is never an issue. Science does not always come naturally to everyone, but the environment at St. Thomas is one that anyone could thrive as long as they have the passion to succeed.

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