Beauty & Brains: Shawna Rencher

The lovely and talented Shawna Rencher talks about the cosmological argument, motivating, and alloys Beauty & Brains: Shawna from Ron Davis on Vimeo.

Best Premium WordPress Theme Deal

My wife has three blogs. And the amount of content she puts out through those three blogs is amazing. One is specifically targeted to teachers of college English and she wanted it to look really good. She looked through all the free themes she could find, but nothing was all that good. I had heard…

How Get A Great Portrait

Was trying to cram Book Yourself Solid into my head last night until it exploded. But one thing he talks related to credibility was having a professional photograph. Given I’ve done a lot of people photography I thought I’d give a few tips and thoughts. There are different kinds of photographers. Unfortunately most are what…

The Key To Wealth

Its Monday and that means a new video from Distinctions For Life starring your truely. Have A Business from Ron Davis on Vimeo. Show Notes

The Jing Project

If you haven’t seen the Jing Project yet, you have to check it out.

StumbleUpon Can Hurt Your Site….

…it can help it alot too. So I’m very interested in anything that will attract traffic to my new site Distinctions For Life. I recently found a course on using StumbleUpon to get lots of traffic. I’m on lesson 3 and she just told me something every blogger should know.