Internet Business

Went to lunch today with a coworker and we talked internet business and marketing. See I’m getting ready to launch a new business/web site real soon. It will take my passion for glamour photography and turn it into something I can hopefully make a living at. More details to come. Soon. There were three main…

Welcome Our Computer Overlords

Computers are aribiters of everything.

So we ask the guy at the counter to do that. But he doesn’t know how. At least he went to ask, then he came back and said “There is no way to enter that in the computer.”

Is the computer the arbiter of customer service? Apperantly so. But bright boy that I am, I figure we can just go around the computer. “Well can you just do it and not enter it in the computer.”

Low Carb Diet: Day 30

Thirty days ago I started a low carb diet and a few days later posted about it. Well the book I was following was a 30 day book, so it seem time to give you an update. If a picture is a 1000 words, here they are: Since I didn’t give weight details at the…

Eye-Fi Review

I have a dream.

In the dream I’m at a photoshoot in my studio. I’ll take a picture of a lovely model and in a moment the image will show up on my laptop across the studio.

No wires, just wireless tether.

Pursue Wisdom

This is perhaps the best visual interpretation of scripture I’ve ever seen. Especially when you think that the original is metaphoric poetry. Take those metaphors and make them real.

Very well shot, acted and edited.

What I learned from The Game and The Pickup Artist

Why is a very happily married man reading a book on how to pick up women?

The Principles Work For Everyone

At a fundamental level, the methods Mystery teaches work for any social situation where you want to meet and have fun with people. Sure they are all taught in the context of night clubs, but that doesn’t have to be where they are used. They are taught for the purposes of meeting girls and “closing” on a variety of level. Kissing/making out, getting phone numbers to continue the relationship the next day, or getting laid. But that doesn’t have to be the outcome you are going for. For instance as a photographer I often meet pretty women I’d love to shoot. These principles easily apply to a “photoshoot close”.